• The final spin-down to the STEM activity at Strain-Japan School.
  • Strain-Japan students, Jordyn,¬†Nolan, Ayden, and Wyatt intently watching and timing Ayden's fidget spinner spin.
  • Johny spins his fidget spinner while Ben times the spin at the Strain-Japan STEM activity.

Strain-Japan School - It's A STEM Thing

Each quarter this year, the staff at Strain-Japan School have collaborated to produce an all-school STEM activity that not only provides practice in the areas of science, technology, engineering or math, but also helps the students to work in cooperation with each other. The third quarter activity involved the use of the popular fidget spinners. Students were divided into teams and took turns spinning and recording the times of the fidget spinners. As each team finished spinning, they had to produce a bar graph showing the times of each spin. The students found that there was a variety of times for the spinning which was probably due to the student's abilities and the fidget spinners themselves. A final fun part of the activity was a spin-down with all the top spinners in each team competing against each other to see who had the overall longest spin. Everyone enjoyed "playing" all afternoon.

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