• UP, UP, BUT NOT AWAY! The students enjoyed being able to celebrate spring with Kite Day.
  • IT'S A BIT EARLY, but some of our students are ready for the Day of Magic.

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Our students LOVE the Harry Potter books! They are also super excited to be able to go to St. Anthony's Day of Magic on Saturday, May 12! The day will be filled with 6 hours of activities, including being sorted into classes, a feast, 4 magical classes, souvenirs, a T-shirt and a chance to play that famous broomstick sport! More information can be found by calling the school or checking out the Facebook page. If interested, you must pre-register.

Kite day is a tradition at St. Anthony and we had beautiful weather last Friday for this event. Many of our parents took time away from work to help their children fly kites on that breezy spring day. One kite took off on its own for a bit, while others got hopelessly tangled with each other. Older students demonstrated a lot of patience when helping younger students, and were rewarded with screams of excitement when their kites made it into the air. The event concluded with popsicles for all.

MAKENA DID A great job with her ice cream kite!

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