• The kindergarten class proud that they were able to find 100 kisses that were hidden in their room.
  • Levit displaying his 100 vehicles on the 100th day of school at Strain-Japan School.
  • Alyssa, Bailey, and Austin displaying the 100 chart they made out of juice lids.
  • Alyssa, Emileigh, and Ava working on putting together a 100 piece puzzle upside down!

100th Day of School at Strain-Japan School

The 100th day of school is quite an event in the kindergarten class at Strain-Japan School. Students work hard the week before doing all kinds of activities in preparation for the big day. They put together 100 piece puzzles - upside down! They also made a giant 100 chart out of juice lids for example. On the actual 100th day of school, each student brought in 100 items to share with the class. They also went on a hunt in their classroom looking for 100 numbered chocolate kisses which they then shared with the entire school. It was a fun day in a 100 ways!

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