Two Bids, Two Bills Proposed For Ordinances Tuesday

The Sullivan City Council was scheduled to meet Tuesday, Nov. 7, with two bids and two proposed bills to be approved as ordinances.

The council had no requests or petitions scheduled as of Monday and two bids were expected to be approved.

The Sullivan Street Department sought bids for the purchase of a Case Construction DV 45 Vibratory Roller or equal comparison model with six bids being received that included: Luby Equipment Services, Fenton, $44,950; GW VanKeppel Co., St. Louis, $47,375; Cummings, McGowan and West Inc., St. Louis, $53,370 and a second bid of $54,275; Fabric, Fenton, $55,900 and $61,975.

City staff was recommending the council accept the bid from Luby Equipment in the amount of $44,650. The council had budgeted $47,000 for the equipment purchase.

A bid for the purchase of a 2018 service truck for the Sullivan Parks Department was bid with three bids being submitted with only one of the three meeting bid specifications.

The parks department sought bids for a 2018 2500 heavy duty, four-wheel drive, regular cab truck with bids being received from: Modern Auto, Washington, $39,322.30; Hutcheson Ford Sales, St. James, $37,306.30 and Dave Sinclair Ford, St. Louis, $37,334.

City staff recommended the council award the bid to Modern Auto, Washington, in the amount of $39,322.30. The council did have $40,000 bid for the truck purchase.

Two proposed bills before the council for approval as ordinances included:

Bill 3780, which would approve a 45-day contract with Carnahan-White, LLC, for fencing at municipal water, wells and elevated water storage tower sites as required by the Missouri Department of Natural Resources. The bid for the project was $60,542.10;

Bill 3781 would allow the city to seek civil cause of action on nuisance violations in the City of Sullivan.

The council did have closed session posted for real estate, litigation and personnel.

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