Prop P, Crawford County Sales Tax Pass

Two tax increases passed and one failed at the polls Tuesday.

In Franklin County, voters overwhelmingly approved Proposition P, which will raise the sales tax to fund increases for law enforcement operations and upgrade the jail facilities. Voters approved the measure 70-30 percent.

In Crawford County, voters approved a half-cent sales tax through 2023 with a rollback of property and real estate taxes. The measure was approved by 56 percent of voters.

The city of Sullivan’s use tax proposition failed. In Franklin County, voters went against it 322-158. Sullivan voters living in Crawford County went against the proposition 71-44.

Sullivan Fire Board

In the race for a two-year unexpired term, Danny Banning defeated Robert Mesger with 646 votes across Crawford, Franklin and Washington counties. Mesger received 515 votes.

In the race for a four-year unexpired term, Chris Garner defeated Rich White with 657 votes to 523.

Bourbon School Board

The race for two spots on the Bourbon School Board was extremely tight.

Newcomer Jason Gobin received 249 votes across all three counties, while another newcomer Ron Collins took in 213 votes and incumbent Darrel Bosse 211.

Bourbon Ward 1

Another close race occurred in the city of Bourbon where Thomas Jordan defeated incumbent Gene Kulaga 30-29 in Ward 1.

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