Over 113,000 COVID-19 Vaccines Administered

Lawmakers considering allowing dentists to administer vaccine

Gov. Mike Parson said Jan. 7 that over 113,000 people have received the COVID-19 vaccine in Missouri.

“We continue to make steady progress with the vaccine,” Parson said during a press conference, adding that Missouri is ahead of other states on distribution.

Parson said Missouri is anticipating receiving an adequate supply to complete Phase 1A.

With 351 approved vaccine providers across the state, Parson said he believes the first two parts of Phase 1 can be completed.

“We know MIssourians are wondering when they’ll be able to receive the vaccine,” he said. “We are working through the vaccine plan as quickly and efficiently as possible.”

Saying that current demand is greater than the supply, Parson called it a “gradual and ongoing process.”

In the meantime, Missouri’s legislature is looking at finding more vaccine providers.

House Bill 628, sponsored by Rep. Danny Busick (R-Newtown), would allow dentists to vaccinate patients.

Four states — California, Illinois, Minnesota and Oregon — allow dentists to administer the vaccine.

Dentists would have to undergo training and have a preexisting doctor-patient relationship.

Busick’s bill would prohibit dentists from soliciting new patients for the vaccine.

Missouri adopted an emergency measure in December that allows pharmacy technicians to administer. 

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