One Request, Two Bids Before Council Tuesday Night

The Sullivan City Council was scheduled to meet on Tuesday night, August 7, with one request before them from Sullivan High School, two bids and one proposed bill for approval as an ordinance in the City of Sullivan.

The Sullivan High School Student Council is seeking approval for a parade in the City of Sullivan on Friday, Sept. 21, at 3 p.m. The parade would follow the normal parade route from Sullivan Elementary down Main Street onto Springfield Road and conclude at “Sunny” Jim Bottomley Park.

The parade is normally held on a Wednesday but this year the organization would like to hold it Friday afternoon before Football Homecoming.

The council was expected to approve the annual request.

Two items were up for board approval on items being bid for the Water and Sewer Department that included a Duplex Control Panel and TSS & DO Probes for Sullivan Wastewater Treatment Plant.

Bids for the Duplex Control Panel were received from three companies including: Vandevanter Engineering, Fenton, $11,820, Municipal Equipment Co., St. Louis, $12,412 and Ecco Electric LLC, Osage Beach, $13,804. City staff recommended approval from Vandevanter in to amount of $11,820.

Two bids were received for the TSS and DO Probes that included: Vandevanter Engineering, Fenton, $58,660 and R.E. Pedrotti Company, Icc., Mission, Ks., $25,959. City staff us recommending the acceptance of the low bid from R.E. Pedrotti in the amount of $25,959.

There is only one proposed bill for approval as an ordinance Tuesday night with Bill No. 3802, which would approve an engineering agreement with the firm of Crawford, Murphy and Tilly, Inc. for professional engineering services for the construction of a four-unit new T-Hangars and six-unit executive hangars at the Sullivan Regional Airport in the amount of $32,865,24. The entire project is a 90/10 grant funded project with the city’s overall cost share of $81,697 and the grant covering $735,271.

Presently the city has a waiting list for prospective plane owners seeking to locate their planes to the Sullivan Regional Airport. With the closing of the St. Clair Airport, several pilots have relocated to Sullivan or are seeking relocation to Sullivan.

The grant funding is paid through Missouri Department of Transportation Aviation Fuel Tax.

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