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Oak Grove Establishes Weight Restrictions On Trucks

The Village of Oak Grove has established new weight restrictions on a section of roadway owned and maintained by the municipality after it was damaged. 

A renovation of the roadway is planned for 2021 at a cost of $900,000.

According to Richard Ray, chairman for the village, the restriction begins on the Oak Grove portion of Springfield Road at Highway 185 South intersection and proceeds east to just past Pondrom Plumbing, 1175 East Springfield Road.

The new weight restriction does allow for local delivery in the area to Lowe’s and MFA Propane, but any other traffic, according to officials, using the roadway are prohibited at 18,000 pounds or more.

“We have informed the Menards Distribution Facility of this new law in the village and want to inform others as well,” said Ray. “We have to maintain this roadway and want to do these improvements and do not want the road damaged anymore going forward.”

A number of tractor-trailers use the roadway to deliver goods and services to the Menards, 1970 South Service Road West, for their manufacturing and distribution center.

“We’re a small village and do not have the funds to continue to make these kinds of repairs and improvements totaling $900,000,” said Ray. “We appreciate everyone following this new law and ask that they use alternate routes in the area should that be hauling over 18,000 and not for local delivery in our village.”

The Village of Oak Grove approved the new law via ordinances on May 11.

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