Methamphetamine Containing Suspected Flakka Causes Crazy Reports

The growing epidemic of drug-related activity is not only increasing across America’s biggest cities but is effecting small town America and this week the reality of a synthetic drug known as “flakka,” being used in methamphetamine brought bizarre activity to life on the streets of Sullivan this past weekend.

People running up and down city streets barking like dogs, running into homes thinking people are after them, breaking into a local nightclub and stripping down to their birthday suit to shower in fountain water/soda were all activities observed by local residents and Sullivan Police this past weekend.

“We had multiple incidents this past weekend of people on some kind of substance acting out of their minds,” said Sullivan Police Lt. Patrick Johnson. “Barking like dogs, running up and down the street or other farm animals, entering peoples homes, breaking into a business, yelling outside of local businesses we saw a lot of activity this weekend.”

Read more in the Nov. 8 issue of the Independent News.

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