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Local Resident Moving Sullivan Skate Park In Positive Direction

The Sullivan Independent News has reported on the local efforts of Sullivan skateboard professional Steven Maune and his efforts to bring improvements to the Sullivan Skate Park, which has seen age starting to impact the facility.

Maune is a committed pro skater working on teaching young children and those young at heart the sport as an alternative to negative environments and drugs and alcohol to dedicate themselves to a clean life.

Maune led the charge locally to establish a GoFundMe account that raised some $3,600 and through donations to the page, Havin Material assisted in price donations of product. 

With the expertise of skate park construction expert Bryan Bedwell, of St. Louis, the skate park has a new look with several additions that have brought it back to life.

Maune stated that this was just the first phase of planned improvements for the facility. He is working to establish a nonprofit organization for the skatepark and then continue with additional enhancements.

He already has a second GoFundMe project for the park underway to establish the nonprofit organization legally.

Maune, Bedwell’s company, and several volunteers worked on September 18-19 to bring the new edition to the skatepark to life using the $3,600 in funds to provide what would have cost some $7,000 to $8,000 to construct.

“I can’t thank enough Bryan Bedwell and his crew, along with other volunteers who helped make this project possible,” said Maune. “It was amazing that we were able to raise these funds, secure some assistance with Haven Material and have Bryan Bedwell, who is building skateparks all over the country, be able to construct additional items here.”

Maune recently secured a Sullivan Eagles logo that is now sporting the main ramp at the facility.

Sullivan Alderman Tony Wessler recognized Maune, Morgan Sumpter, Seth Jenkins and the Bedwell crew for an outstanding job recently on Facebook, assisting them with the new Eagles logos.

Wessler wrote on Facebook, “Last month, a group of young Sullivan citizens came to the city council meeting and asked for permission to work on their own time at the city skate park. Of course, the Mayor said, ‘Sure.’ Now I’m not very familiar with the skate park, or even much about skating anymore (that phase of my life has passed), but I can recognize a really good job that took a lot of hard (volunteer) work. Looks great! These gentlemen are a credit to our town.”

Those wishing to donate to the phase 2 project may do so by going to the GoFundMe site and looking up Sullivan Skatepark Funding Phase 2 or check out their Facebook Group, Sullivan Skatepark Funding Group.

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