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Lambing Purchases Willow Grace Boutique

Willow Grace Boutique, 101 North Clark St., is under new ownership effective March 11, after Sullivan resident and SHS graduate Natalie Lambing purchased the business from founders Ashley West and Robyn Bizzle.

The store is currently closed at this time, with a grand opening scheduled for Saturday, March 21, from 10 a.m. to 4 p.m. with normal store hours to resume Monday through Friday 10 a.m. to 6 p.m. and Saturdays 10 a.m. to 4 p.m.

What made Lambing decide to purchase the business and will it remain the same?

“I have worked for Willow Grace Boutique LLC since the first day the doors were open and have always had a strong passion for retail and fashion, said Lambing. “I was given the opportunity to fill Robyn and Ashley’s shoes and take over the business a few weeks back and I an extremely excited for this new endeavor.”

What changes are you making to the business?

“Although Willow Grace will be under new ownership, it will still be the same small town boutique it has always been. I will still carry all of the same trends and brands everyone loves but I will also be working hard to widen the variety of clothing for women of all ages. It is my goal to have something for every woman who walk’s through the doors,” said Lambing.

How has the transition gone thus far?

“The transition thus far has gone very smoothly thanks to Sullivan Bank as well as Brueseke & Scott Tax Preparations. Both businesses have been very helpful in this transition for both the original owners as well as myself. I have been working endlessly the past few weeks to gear up for our grand opening and am very pleased with how everything is unfolding,” said Lambing. 

Lambing was asked why she believed a business of this kind can remain successful and especially in downtown Sullivan?

“Small businesses are essential to our community and I am both grateful and excited to be able to continue running Willow Grace Boutique as one of those small businesses in downtown Sullivan. Not only do small businesses provide employment as well as a local trendy clothing store to enjoy but we also are very dedicated to giving back to our community. Over the last few years Willow Grace Boutique has donated as well as sponsored many events, organizations that included ball teams and fundraisers. Without local businesses, many of these events and organizations could not do what they do for their community and without those who support local businesses like Willow Grace Boutique, we simply could not excel as we have.”

Lambing concluded the interview on the purchase of Willow Grace by stating, “I would like to express a very heartfelt message to the previous owners Ashley West and Robyn Bizzle for all that they have done for not only this local business but also what they have done for myself. They have been some of the greatest people to work for and have taught me how to successfully take ownership and continue to excel. I am extremely grateful for the two of them for allowing me to have this opportunity to pursue my dream and the many words of wisdom and support along the way. Anyone who has ever stepped into the doors of Willow Grace Boutique knows that we are a close knit work family and it will always continue to stay that way for past and predation employees.

Willow Grace can be reached by calling 573-468-7880.

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