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I-Shop Opens In Sullivan With Stellar Numbers

“We were looking to open another location in St. Clair when this building became available in Sullivan and to be honest it was the right building, in the right location with an owner willing to work with us,” said Tina Stephens, owner of I-Shop, 665 Fisher Drive, Sullivan’s newest resale and consignment store.

Since opening in Sullivan in early June, the business, which has a sister store in Cuba that has operated for more than seven years, has seen visitors nearing 100 every day it has been opened.

“The people that have come into the store have just been awesome really,” said Stephens. “This has been better than what I ever could have anticipated.”

I-Shop has everything from home decor, furniture, antiques, clothing, accessories, shoes, mattresses and a store full of organized higher end merchandise.

“We do have something for everyone I think here in our store and we are adding more items each week,” said Stephens. “We are bringing in more antique furniture, modern and alternative modern furniture as we work with a number of different consigners and purchase estates. We work with a furniture company from the St. Louis area and have consigners from all over the area.”

Stephens proudly displayed a top of the line new sectional that retailed for $5,000 that customers can find in her store for $1,200.

The store covers some 9,500 sq. ft. with room for expansion should business drive I-Shop that direction and it’s Cuba store, 304 North Franklin , covers 10,000 sq. ft. and is full to capacity, according to Stephens.

Why have resale stores, like I-Shop, been so successful?

“The supply and demand is huge in new and used resale stores,” said Stephens. “We have people that drive in to see the store and what's new. We flip the store often and have a half-off clearance sale at least twice a year. There his a big demand for certain brands like Woodard and a demand for quality furniture, decor and clothing items.”

Stephens feels that the store is a beautiful setting for customers with everything organized to the dot with a number of decor items that really brings a pizazz to the store.

“We really pride ourselves on being very organized and clean in our stores,” said Stephens. “We have consigners coming in constantly drawing from all over the area including St. Louis and St. Charles. I really am enjoying getting to meet the people of Sullivan and those coming in from outside of the area as consigners or customers. It’s just going very well.”

I-Shop is open Monday through Saturday from 9 a.m. to 5 p.m. and can be reached by calling 573-468-4505.

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