Fidelity Communications Drives Donations To Local Food Banks

Fidelity Communications, a family-owned and locally operated telecommunication service provider, based in Sullivan recently completed a campaign to drive and increase donations to local food banks.

The network of non-profit, charitable food banks across the country are key players in combating not only hunger in America but also the major economic impact widespread hunger can have on a community. In addition to providing struggling families with immediate relief from hunger, food banks, and food distribution centers free up funds for families, which can then be spent on other basic needs. For this reason, Fidelity Communications believes in the charitable initiatives of local food banks and recognizes them as an important asset to any community.

“We live in these communities,” said Fidelity Communications Director of Marketing Danica LaFaire, “giving back and community fundraising initiatives are integral to our business and company culture.” In an effort to encourage community involvement, Fidelity incentivized residents to donate by adding a $50 donation for every box the community filled. As a result, Fidelity was able to donate $50 to the Meramec Community Mission, the local food banks in Sullivan.

LaFaire expressed her overwhelming pride in the residents of the community and their contribution to the campaign’s great success: “all of our community members truly know how to pull together to reach a common goal.” As a family-owned company, Fidelity understands the power of coming together to support and grow the community. “The success of our campaign could not have been possible without the food donations from community members,” said LaFaire, “we are so thankful to be able to work alongside the residents here to make a real difference.”

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