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Dr. Hill Celebrates 25 Years in Sullivan

It was October 28, 1995, when Dr. William Hill opened his chiropractic center in downtown Sullivan at 5 South Church St., which later followed expansion into his building at 556 Wal-Mart Drive, with some 7,259 patients over the 25-year history.

Hill, a graduate of the 1994 Class of Logan College of Chiropractic (now Logan University), began his career as an Associate Chiropractor in Ozark.

He soon learned that his partner had no intention of retiring and began looking for a community to open his practice.

Hill found Sullivan, a place where he could raise his family and build that community practice he had always envisioned.

"What I loved about Sullivan and still do is the small-town environment and receptiveness to chiropractic," said Hill from his office Wednesday, November 11. "We love the small-town friend and family atmosphere, connecting with the community, and being able to give back."

Hill stated that he knew he wanted to go into chiropractic when he graduated high school, but his mom encouraged him to go into orthodontics. That was not what he was feeling.

"I told my mom that I wanted to work to help people feel better and make their overall health better," said Hill. "My mom felt at the time that chiropractic was not always accepted in communities."

Hill credits some of his success locally to several area physicians who accepted chiropractic to help heal people, including Dr. Fitzgerald, Dr. Remo, Dr. Elijhik, and other local chiropractors.

"Chiropractic care was founded in 1895, and a lot has changed over the last 125 years. Millions have accepted it as a form of care and better health," said Hill.

Hill stated that people's acceptance for care had been the most significant change he's witnessed over his 25-year career seeing some 7,259 patients from the Sullivan and surrounding areas that include: Gerald, Owensville, Steelville, and other towns.

Being able to treat four generations of families is a highlight to Hill's career along with helping some 26 children be born.

"We have assisted families who were having trouble becoming pregnant and went to fertility clinics and just couldn't have children," said Hill. "We were able to make adjustments that helped our patients become pregnant. That is the reward of helping people I truly enjoy and find very rewarding."

Hill has also helped OB physicians make adjustments for pregnant moms whose babies are breach by adjusting the mom's pelvis and lower back.

"These are life-changing events in this practice that again make it so rewarding and helping people with back, neck, shoulder, muscle pain that they haven't been able to deal with," said Hill. "They have tried everything, and with some adjustments, we are able, in most cases, to help them."

For Hill, this journey continues with the youngest patient he has treated being a newborn and the oldest 106 years old.

"I liked Doc from Gunsmoke and how he was to his community of people and patients," said Hill. "I look to and want to have a career here in Sullivan like Jack Del'atorre and Dr. Anderson have had.

Digital x-rays have changed the chiropractic care technology somewhat over the last 25 years, but at the core, Hill's practice and care remain the same.

Alyssa Webb has managed Hill's office for the last 16 years.

Hill Chiropractic can be reached by calling 573-468-4455.

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