• Judge William Camm Seay (second to left) was honored with the Missouri Gavel Award

William Camm Seay Honored With Missouri Gavel Award

J. D. Rohrer, President of the Crawford County Bar Association, Judge Sidney T. Pearson and Judge Kelly Parker, presented to William Camm Seay, the Missouri Gavel Award for his 38+ years served to the Missouri Bar Association and the Good People of the State of Missouri.

William Camm Seay was admitted to the Missouri Bar Association in August 1980. He was a Partner in the law firm of Wilkerson Seay and Ball of Salem, Missouri from 1980 to 1994. He was elected the Dent County Prosecutor in 1982 and served three terms. He was elected the Circuit Judge of the 42nd Judicial Circuit serving Crawford, Dent, Reynolds, Wayne and Iron Counties from 1994 to 2010. He was also elected the Prosecuting Attorney of Crawford County Missouri in 2010 and served until 2015. Currently William serves as the City Attorney of Salem from 2013 to present.

William Camm Seay enjoyed a reputation for being fair, following the law and always being well prepared for Trial. Among the lawyers and Judges of this area – William is known as a lawyer’s lawyer.

We are all proud of the many years of service that William Camm Seay has given our community and the high standards of ethics and law that he has set for the entire bar.

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