Monken Asks Commission To Act On Violation

Jim Monken asked on Tuesday for the Crawford County commission to act on an administrative penalty against Tammy Irvin, a property owner in violation of the septic system ordinance for nearly a year.

Irvin faces the $14,100 penalty for hooking a septic system up to an existing system on a property less than three acres. She was notified in January 2017 of being in violation. After not acting for 30 days, the administrative penalty began incurring. Irvin had the system capped off after being notified of the penalty late last year.

She appeared before the commission in January and said she was unable to pay the penalty.

The commission was tied with up budget issues last month and have not yet decided to enforce the penalty.

Monken brought to the commission Tuesday a Facebook post indicating Irvin’s property was for sale. The commission may issue a lien against the property, but not if it is sold. Monken speculated about a title transfer to a relative, allowing Irvin to escape the penalty.

“Why let a lawbreaker get away with it?” Monken asked the commission, saying the situation has gone on long enough.

District 1 Commissioner Rob Cummings said he was aware of the posting and that he has a meeting planned with Michelle Rafter of the health department to discuss the situation.

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