Mayor Tamps Down On Pine Street Rumors

Mayor Danny Skaggs on July 16 tamped down on rumors that the city of Bourbon lost its $500,000 grant to rebuild Pine Street.

“It’s not true,” Skaggs told the board.

While the project has not yet began, Skaggs told board members he has been in contact with the Meramec Regional Planning Commission and believes it can be extended into 2020 if needed.

“We aren’t losing it, but we have to get the project going,” he said.

Skaggs said MRPC told him they would be contacting Dick Rammstein “every day.” Rammstein is the engineer the city hired. He has done work for the city in the past, but it is currently unknown where he stands or what else he has accomplished.

The mayor said in June that Rammstein has started some work, including finding buried manholes.

“They will call every day until they get through to him,” Skaggs said. “Everybody is worried that we’ll be pushing it, but we have options that make me feel better.”

Besides getting their engineer going, the city also has to collect bids, which have to be approved by officials from Jefferson City.

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