Mass Testing Of County Could Show COVID-19 Prevalence

Crawford County Health Department Administrator Honor Evans told commissioners May 26 there is an opportunity for a mass testing of COVID-19, but the cost would be close to $90,000.

A comprehensive testing event would show the prevalence in the community, Evans said.

The county would partner with Phelps Health, which provides the staff, PPE (personal protection equipment) and everything associated with testing.

The goal would be to test around 2 percent of the county’s population. This works out to around 550-600 people.

Similar mass testing has been held in other Missouri counties and Evans said Phelps Health comes highly recommended.

Presiding Commissioner Leo Sanders said it’s a need, but it’s also a lot of money.

Crawford County will receive around $2.3 million from the federal CARES Act and it was discussed using those funds to pay for mass testing.

The county would pay $100 for each person that tests and another $35 for the lab work. Patients must meet the criteria to be tested.

Evans said they would need a location with good access points since it would be a drive-through exam. 

Volunteers would be necessary to help direct traffic and Evans said this has typically been law enforcement. There would be a designated “dirty” area that no volunteers would be allowed to encroach.

Fall may provide the best timeframe for testing due to schools reopening and the possibility of another wave.

No New Cases

The county still hasn’t had a new case since April 29.

As of May 26, Evans said there were 467 tests performed for Crawford County residents and 454 were negative with five pending. 

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