Crawford County Reorganizes Transportation Priority List

For several years, a one-lane Highway C bridge over the Little Bourbeuse River was the county’s top transportation priority, but the project has been funded for 2021 and the county  has reorganized its list. 

Commissioners met on October 22 with MoDOT and the Meramec Regional Planning Commission to provide a new list for consideration at the Transportation Advisory Committee (TAC) meeting in December.

Projects are voted on by MRPC members from across the eight counties. From there, the projects are submitted to MoDOT and placed under consideration for inclusion in the Statewide Transportation Improvement Program (STIP). 

The STIP sets forth projects MoDOT will complete over a five-year period.

At the top of the county’s list now is a Highway HH bridge over Dry Creek. The bridge is south of Cherryville and is in need of replacement.

Last year it was ranked No. 2 on the list.

Second on the list is the intersection of Highway 19 and Lindburg Road, south of Cuba Lakes Golf & Country Club.

There is a need for a left turn lane going southbound. 

Kramer said it could cost between $250,000 to $300,000 to add a turn lane because there would need to be right-of-way acquisition and the relocation of utilities.

Third on the county’s list is the intersection of Highway D and Sappington Bridge Road near Missouri Baptist Sullivan Hospital.

Last year, the commission and Kramer discussed the possibility of putting a roundabout at the intersection to slow down traffic.

Other Projects

Kramer described the county’s transportation list as a “living document” that is updated as projects become completed or removed.

Some projects still up for consideration:

-Highway N. Kramer said MoDOT crews made a fix past Blue Springs Ranch in Bourbon that reduced flooding in a certain area. Vehicles were hydroplaning through a residential fence. Adding another pipe has decreased the frequency of water flooding the area.

Kramer said MoDOT will be adding two-foot shoulders and rumble strips from Highway N to Highway 185 in 2021.

-Expressway from Phelps County line to Washington County line. 

-Safety improvements throughout entire Crawford County section of Interstate 44, including the addition of more lanes.

-Amtrak stop in Cuba.

-Safety improvements on Highway H in an area where state and county maintenance meet just before Onondaga Cave State Park.

-Increasing pedestrian/cycling opportunities along Old Route 66 throughout Cuba, plus the addition of shoulders where not already present.

-Additional rural transportation options.

-Safety improvements at Glassy Road and Heyer Road on Highway 19.

-Safety improvements at Highway D and the South Outer Road in Sullivan.

-Safety improvements, including rebanking curves, eliminating curves and considering a guardrail at Dry Creek Bridge to Edgar Road on Highway 19. This curve is referred to as “Deadman’s Curve” and is southwest of Cherryville.

-ADA and pedestrian improvements through Steelville.

-Safety improvements on a Highway 19 bridge over Cherry Valley Branch. While the bridge, which was built in 1934, is in fair condition, it is narrow at a curve. 

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