Board Passes Change To Parking Ordinance

Bourbon board members on Feb. 20 passed a change to the city’s ordinance regarding parking on unimproved surfaces, such as front lawns and backyards.

The city will make exceptions for temporary events, such as parties or some sort of yard work. In any other cases, residents must have their vehicles parked on an improved surface. Previously, residents were able to park on unimproved surfaces for up to 12 hours.

Mayor Danny Skaggs initiated the change at the board’s January meeting and an ordinance was ready for members Tuesday.

Ward 1 Alderman Gene Kulaga reported concerns he about the change, but Skaggs said when people live in the city, they have to go by its ordinances.

“Some people don’t understand that,” he said.

All four board members agreed to the change. Ward 1 Alderman Dave Lafferty said as long as the city wasn’t going to “nitpick,” he was for it. Kulaga agreed.

Lafferty brought up a litany of ordinances he feels the city must enforce or repeal. He said he wanted to see the city more rigidly enforce cars parking in the wrong direction. “We’ve got parks cars parked all over town…facing one direction.”

Skaggs said the city has an ordinance against it, but it hasn’t been forced. Police Chief Paul Satterfield said officers will pay more attention to it.

Lafferty said he’s bothered by it and if residents are going to park in the street, they should at least face the right direction.

The alderman also wants more done about derelict cars.

“We have vehicles sitting all over town, unlicensed, inoperable…we need to do something about it,” he said, noting there are ordinances against them. Skaggs has also spoken against derelict cars sitting on properties.

Commercial vehicles being parked in a residential area was another concern.

“I think we need to look at all these and figure if we’re going to enforce them or not,” Lafferty said about the ordinances, feeling residents will ask city officials why some are enforced and some aren’t.

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