Board Discusses Social Media, Teacher-Student Relations

Bourbon School Board members Stephen Waldron and John Craig attended the Missouri School Board Association (MSBA) spring regional meeting, part of which focused on teacher-student relationships.

A presentation titled “Crossing the Line: When Educators Become Predators” was given to board members by Gary Moore, a school safety specialist. 

Moore interviewed former educators convicted of sex crimes involving students. Moore said most of the relationships began with teachers counseling students who were having issues at home. That turned into flirting and escalated from there.

While “the vast majority of teachers never be involved” in a relationship with a student, Moore said districts must be prepared to deal with the situation. 

“It doesn’t matter whether it’s a metropolitan area or rural area,” Moore said in the MSBA monthly report, noting it breaks down into three categories: it has happened, it’s happening or it’s going to happen. “Districts can’t afford to put blinders on.”

Read more on this story in the May 2 issue of the Independent News.

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