BAA Cancels Summer Ball Leagues

The Bourbon Athletic Association has canceled the summer ball leagues due to the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic.

BAA made the decision late last week, but has discussed a camp this summer for both baseball and softball.

BAA was waiting to see what Sullivan would do. The Sullivan Boys Baseball Association and Sullivan Girls Softball Association announced last week that it was canceling its seasons.

Both SBBA and SGSA said other leagues in the immediate area had canceled their seasons, too.

American Legion baseball also became a victim of the pandemic when the state commission ruled out a 2020 season.

It’s unclear at this point how many youth sports teams will compete this summer. 

Missouri made headlines this weekend when 54 youth teams converged for the Mother’s Day Classic. 

Since St. Louis County remains under a shelter in place order, Rob Worstenholm, who owns GameTime Tournaments, moved it to neighboring St. Charles and Jefferson counties.

Worstenholm gave a preview of how teams may have to adapt to a COVID-19 world.

According to the St. Louis Post-Dispatch, players and coaches had to remain six feet apart. 

Three socially-distanced kids could be in the dugout at once and the rest of the players had to be spread out behind the fence line. 

Coaches were not allowed to argue balls and strikes, umpires had to keep a six-foot distance and the catcher had to be set up two feet behind the normal position at home plate.

GameTime will host dozens of tournaments each weekend through the summer and into fall. 

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