Vote To Be Heard

Dear Editor:

Bernie likes communism! Joe is a corrupt Democrat pushing Socialism. Trump is a fascist or racist or about 50 other things repeated on “news shows.”

There is no unbiased news on TV anymore and it has made us all a bit ill, I think! We should want The President to be a positive image for people around the world, right? United Americans can stay free. The politicians should want the World to respect EVERY President. Each of them have strengths, even if only our patriotic loyalty.

Political discussion does not have to be like an emotional version of UFC cage fights complete with jabs, twists, holds, punches, spitting, and kicking. Some of us remember when there was respect for bipartisanship and the politicians that kept a cool head. They united people to get more bills made into laws. They were admired for finding a compromise that moved us in the right direction based on common goals. Work still got done without a super majority because of teamwork and there was not a need to have an over whelming majority and no need to treat fellow congressmen like enemies. They were colleagues. They didn't have to hate each other either and neither did we.  It was us (The People) vs. them (powers in Gov.) instead of us (Democrats) vs. them (Republicans). Now, the politicians and media try to excite “opposing” sides so turnout is good and ratings are good. If a violent riot breaks out in the street, even better from their point of view as they spend weeks blaming each other on the “news shows!” I do not see honesty and intelligent conversation making a comeback very quickly. It is harder and takes patience. It might be a long while before we can share political ideology at mixed gatherings. Here is my point: Search for facts and be skeptical of any news source that creates feelings of hate. If a red hat makes you want to fight or step on The Flag, you could be infected with the Bettarunavirus! If the sight of Schiff's eyes or the sound of Pelosi’s stammering angry voice makes you want to say obscene things at the tv, you could be infected with the Meanavirus! I had it during the Senate Impeachment trial. It is no fun. Both viruses are cured by not watching any sort of political video on TV or any other device and sipping your favorite beverage while gazing at the beauty around you. In about three days, you might be able to enjoy having coffee again with your friend “on the other side of the aisle” who is still doomed to voting for the WRONG one but you will respect that right to do so! We have a private ballot for a reason. If you think you may have contracted one of the above-mentioned viruses, but still want to make an informed decision, go to:, or

Find the facts and form an opinion before the news sources spread viruses.

These websites indicate the Associated Press, and are also sources of factual information. I hope we keep cool this summer, don't fall for the fighting mad calls to action. Just voting is all we really need to do to be heard. It is freely and quietly given and loudly received. The vote is our “big stick.” May God continue to bless this Democratic Republic, so we can keep it.

Patricia A. Miller

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