Too Much Trash

Dear Editor:

What is up with all the trash? There is trash everywhere!  There is trash between businesses, behind buildings, and all along the streets and ditches. Not a good way to attract new families and businesses into the area and what a horrible way for Sullivan to be represented. Trash does not have a size criteria! Anything that was not on the ground when an individual arrived should not be there when they leave.  Think of all your loved ones and friends that your trash will effect.  Not only is trash unattractive, it harms our waterways and our soils.  I implore individuals to pick trash up instead of turning a blind eye to it, walking around it, or pretending its not there. Individuals should have enough respect for themselves, their families, their loved ones and their community to want to keep the City of Sullivan litter free.

Whose responsibility is it to take care of the parking lots and the land around them?  Is it the landowners responsibility to maintain their property or the City of Sullivan Street Department to keep these areas clean? Is there a law or ordinance regarding upkeep of property in Sullivan?  Who is to enforce such laws or ordinances?  Are there penalties for not keeping property to a certain standard?

Just Concerned

Kitty Kistner

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