Response To ‘Too Much Trash’

Dear Editor:

I agree with Kitty Kistner in her letter about litter. People are lazy and inconsiderate, throwing things out in alleys roads and woods.

My family gets upset riding the beautiful country and our town and see the trash people who could take home throw it out the car window.

We live between Sullivan and Bourbon and trash is all over. We decided to do something about it. We talked to neighbors about the trash and cleaning up.

About three weeks ago, my son worked and picked up litter for 3/4 mile. He picked up five 20 gallon trash bags full. Not only the hard work, but the cost to dispose of all the trash bags. If everyone who reads the two letters would do pick up for just a block, we can make things better. I know people will still litter. 

We need better litter laws and enforce them.

Lovetta Midyett

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