Remember Our Veterans

Dear Editor:

As a veteran of this great nation, there are so many things that are wrong with the political aspects of how one party is always downgrading the other to the point that no one person in either party is right about what they do and none of them do not do anything that they promise to do. For one thing, the affordable medical side of this is wrong. For example, when a single mother with four children had received the package for herself and her children, she was not on the policy and in the letter  that she received, it was mentioned that she could not get any coverage at all. So let us look at this for a moment, if a new administration wants to try and fix it to make the plan better and the other party does not, then what good is it anyway. 

I am a disabled Veteran and I had to get medical insurance to get the help that I need to fix my body because for the last twenty years, the V.A. Medical Center in St.Louis, MO said that there was not a problem  anywhere on my body in any place at all, even after having a complete  body scan. I also know that there are many Veterans that have and still are being told the same thing and never being looked at for their  problems  and never will. So when it comes to any and all members of Congress on Veterans’ Affairs, when it comes to treating any Veteran and making them feel like they are going to have the very best possible way no matter what. That means the military personnel who served this country with honor and to dishonor those men and women who returned home missing limbs and many other injuries that can not be seen. And NO AMERICAN should ever forget those who GAVE THE ULTIMate SACRIFICE and for the families as well. So please REMEMBER on VETERANS DAY, so wherever you see a man or woman you know or not, thank them for their service with great appreciation. I thank all of you and I hope you see my point.

Richard J. Moynihan

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