Refusal To Participate

Dear Editor:

I was especially interested in Congressman's Jason Smith's article entitled "A Refusal to Participate" in a recent edition of the paper.

I'm aware that one letter won't make a difference, but a drove of letters just might. At least I feel there may be someone reading my letter who shares my thoughts but just doesn't voice them. I worked in an office for 30 years and let me tell you, if I had not done the job I was hired to do I would have been REPLACED immediately. I know the Senate Liberals are elected (just another word for hired) and cannot be fired, but can they be impeached or even ignored? Something is wrong with a system when some do not agree with what the majority of the American people want and just halt the whole procedure because they think they are smarter than the rest of us. Think again! It seems to me it should be illegal when any of our lawmakers simply refuse to show up at hearings, thus holding up legislative business that they were "hired" to do. Was not something put in our Constitution to prevent such an action? Was not a solution put in place to prevent a few holding the rest for ransom? Was not the Constitution written that the majority of the people should be in charge and not denied what they want? NO ONE should have the power to do that! It makes no difference which party you favor...the majority should be upheld. That is our way....THE AMERICAN WAY. Those lawmakers who just stay at home or take their marbles and go home beacause they didn't get their way should be dealt with as a spoiled child because that is exactly what they are. When I acted badly as a child I was denied the things I liked to do until I finally realized I should act better. Maybe I didn't like the new rules but I adjusted because I was outnumbered. Should not the lawmakers of the most wonderful country in the world do the same?

I'm going to write Congressman Smith and urge you to do the same.


Mary C. Gibson

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