Reflection Of Our Society?

Dear Editor:

A crime occurred, a life was robbed. It was recorded by a surveillance camera and forever burned into the memory of an eyewitness, yet the killer walked free.

In January 2017, Art Wolverton was killed by a man he had known for nearly 30 years over a disputed fence line between the two men’s properties. He was shot in the hip. He fell to the ground and was killed by a bullet shot through his heart from less than five feet away with an AR-15 assault rifle. All over a fence line.

Art was not armed, and he never tried to harm the shooter.

All of this was captured on film. A surveillance camera in the shooter’s kitchen filmed each gunshot. Art’s nephew watched the shooting happen.

A jury of 12 people saw the entire video. They heard the witness’s testimony. Yet these 12 people found this horrendous crime was justified. The shooter was found not guilty, and now he will walk freely among us as if nothing ever happened.

This makes me wonder, where are our morals and values? These 12 individuals speak for us, the people, and they made it clear that a patch of grass is more valuable than a human life.

If this situation reflects our society, the law is obsolete and instead of waiting for a civil resolution, one can be both judge and executioner. Make no mistake, our community is in grave danger.

Be civil. Be gentle to each other. Talk. Listen.

Cibele Carvalho

Leasburg, MO

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