Praise To Cancer Center

To the Editor:

This is to let people of Sullivan know something that may not be common knowledge and is very positive in their town, as we seem to get negative reports on different issues from time to time. I would like to tell about the Cancer Infusion Center at Missouri Baptist Hospital Sullivan. This center has the best and most considerate and sharpest nursing staff around - Terry Brown, RN Specialist Coordinator, Bridget Hulsey RN Specialist, Crystal Stohtzfus, RN Specialist, Jen McReynolds RN Specialist, Lisa Nelson RN Specialist. These ladies deserve to be applauded and thanked for their dedication and responsible attitude. There are volunteers that should be mentioned also -Dorothy, Sandy and Fern. Last, but definitely not least, the BJC Home Health Nurse Bev Turner.

So if someone asks you what do you have in Sullivan, just among other things the best cancer infusion center in the country.


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