Key Lime Pie...cookie?

I saw a notice in town sometime ago - you wanted to hear a story about someone from town that was a good story... a proud story perhaps.

I have mailed this letter to Pepperidge Farm but wanted to share it with Sullivan. My dad worked 20-plus years for City Hall Engineering Department and retired from the City of Sullivan. He loved his job, proud of this town, and thought it was a great place to live for many years.


Gina Montileone

November 14, 2019 

Pepperidge Farm,

I am writing this letter in regards to the Key Lime Pie cookies. My dad and I tried this cookie in April 2017. He and I had always agreed that we did not favor the flavor of lime. So when he pointed to a package of Key Lime Pie cookies on his snack table, I was surprised that he wanted to try them. But then he told me that my brother-in-law, Greg, had bought them for him. Greg didn’t know that dad disliked lime but he did know that Pepperidge Farm cookies were dad’s favorite. “What the heck!?” I thought to myself. “It’s a cookie! I’ll either like it or I won’t but it’s a cookie that dad wants me to ‘taste test’ with him and that right there is what sweet!”

I brought in our afternoon coffee and dad opened the package of cookies. He smiled and we each grabbed a cookie. We ‘clinked’ our cookies, said “cheers!” and took a bite of our cookies...

I was “AWED” at first bite!!! I had bit into a crunchy version of a silky sweet pie spritzed with fresh ripe lime! Key Lime Pie in a cookie!? I told dad, “Wait! Don’t take another bite. I’ve got an idea!” His eyebrows rose with curiosity and he grinned. I jumped to my feet, ran to the kitchen to scoop whipped topping into a bowl for us to share, and quickly returned to my seat beside dad. I showed him the bowl of whipped topping and he nodded his head. We dipped our Key Lime Pie cookies into the whipped topping and took a bite...we locked eyes and at the same exact moment, we exclaimed, “that was awesome!!!”

What a wonderful surprise!


I told dad that I was going to “write the company”; something I have done for some time. Every now and then, I try something that I believe deserves more than just a “thank you”. I want the people responsible for this creation to be given appreciation for the outstanding, well thought, creative, insightful, superb job he/she or they have done! And in this case this cookie - the Key Lime Pie cookie is part of a fond, dear to my heart memory of my dad because shortly after, his battle with lung cancer ended (April 23, 2017.) My mother agreed that I should “write the company.” Sadly and unexpectedly, my mom passed away May 23, 2017.Married nearly 44 years and had never spent more than one month apart - that’s my parents!

It has taken me a while to put my words, my gratitude my appreciation and “thank you” in writing - for that I do apologize. Even as I attempt to finalize this letter, I hope that you know what a wonderful experience that one cookie turned out to be!

On behalf of my father, Anthony R. Montileone PFC US Marine Corps Vietnam Veteran (1968-1969) and my mother, Joann T. Montileone (Dott) devoted wife to “her soldier” (as she referred to him), my brother Patrick Baughman, my brother Randy Baughman, my sister Robin T. Burke, my sister Kristina A. Montileone, my nieces and nephews (add in my children= my parents had a total of 15 grandchildren!), my dad’s sister Dee and myself... we thank you.

Gina Montileone

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