Keep Politics Out Of Sports

Dear Editor:

I have been to many sport events in my time at many schools. I have had a child or grandchild in a couple school districts. I’ve seen several coaches (man/woman), whether it be soccer, baseball, basketball, football or volleyball, some good, some bad in their coaching methods. A few stand out to me because they taught teamwork, sportsmanship, and good practice ethics and never allowed outside friendships, socializing, your name, or a complaining parent to influence or dictate thier coaching as to who and how much time is played, unlike I have witnessed recently. It is the superintendents’ and principals’ responsibility not to allow any coach to use these methods when it involves setting examples and teaching our students. I’ve talk to parents on both sides: home and opponent, to find frustrated parents. They teach their child (girl or boy) to practice, be a team member and not a quitter. With the favoritism allowed by upper management,  school officials, parents find their child being discouraged when giving their all in practice and still you get no playing time. What are they teaching the student??? I would like to commend those coaches who don’t allow those influences on their field, or court. Thank you Coach White, Coach Hampton, Coach Branson, Coach Patrick and Coach Kackley. It’s time that our schools leave politics to the government and not allow in our school system.

Name withheld

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