Highway FF Inner Change - Reply

I wanted to respond to the letter to the editor from Lovetta Midyett to let her know and the citizens of Crawford  County the estimated cost of the Elmont overpass (James K. Schatz) that was constructed here in the City of Sullivan just a few years ago to give some idea of the cost that doesn't include entrance and exit ramps.

With Right of Way Cost - Utility relocates, design, construction over $21 million dollars for the Elmont overpass.

I attended several open public hearings the City of Sullivan had on the Elmont overpass that included estimated costs at the time.

Here are some of those numbers that you could use if you have a town hall meeting to kind of let the people know.

Utility relocates were approximately $3.8 million - Right of Way little over $3. million -Construction $12.4 million -Engineering was about $800,000.

The City of Sullivan  was able to get the State Highway  Department to do a 50/50 cost share on the Elmont overpass so the City of Sullivan had to come up with its 50 percent of the construction cost up front. Would Crawford County have the funds to come up with it's 50 percent construction cost up front. The City did also pay 100 percent of engineering and utilities up front and a few months later got reimbursed by the State 50 percent.

I would like to mention here that I assume you are familiar with the FF overpass, that a Church/School would be one thing that would have to be purchased and removed. Not to mention other properties on the north and south of I-44 that in my opinion would be very expensive.

The estimated  dollar amounts  were for the Elmont overpass without entrance and exit ramps so you could use your imagination  to add entrance and exit ramp construction cost.

I am not opposed to the Highway FF Inner Change however it will take a lot of tax dollars to do this project. 

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