Elect Rich White To Sullivan Fire Protection District Board Of Directors

Dear Editor:

Rich has been a resident of the Sullivan area since 1988. He has been happily married to Judy White for 40 years. White has two daughters, eight grandchildren and six great-grandchildren.

Rich joined Sullivan Fire Protection District in 1993. He was a member of the District for 23 years, where he served as a volunteer at first and worked his way through the ranks until finally achieving the career rank of “Fire Chief’ where he stayed and was respected by many for 10 years. This was shortly after retiring from a 30-year management position at the Schnucks Market in Washington, MO.

During his time at Sullivan Fire, he was involved in many big changes and events that benefited both the public and firefighters alike. Some of those events include;

1.) Assisting in passing the half cent sales tax (which reduced tax rates of taxpayers by returning half

of the collected sales tax back to the taxpayers, therefore reducing personal property tax rates)

2.) Involved in Construction of Sullivan Station 5. Therefore lowering tax rates once again

3.) Introducing, and advocating a 3.8 million dollar bond issue to improve firefighter safety, replace apparatus, and remodel facilities.

Rich throughout his 23 years acquired many certifications, along with hundreds of training hours. Which have not only been supplemental to being a firefighter but also in Fire Administration, including certifications to be a board member. Here is what Rich has earned in his Career:

• Missouri State Firefighter 1&2

• Missouri State Instructor 1&2

• Missouri State Certified Fire Inspector

• Missouri State Fire Officer 1&2

• Missouri State Certified Lead Evaluator

• All required Federal NIMS Classes

• Board 101 Certified (Which is required to be a board member of a Fire District).

Rich was very well involved in multiple fire related groups. Including the International Association of Fire Chiefs, Backstoppers, as well as being on the Franklin County Emergency 911 Operations Committee.

His civic involvement includes; Sullivan Rotary Club (Sargent of Arms, Board Member, and 2016-2017 President). Rich was instrumental in the Fire Districts involvement of the Meramec Community Missions annual Toy Drive, as well as the Meramec Community Food Drive. Grand Marshall of the Meramec Community Fair, Man of the Year Nominee and is a board member of the Sullivan Chamber of Commerce.

To create a better transparency of communication between the fire district, and the citizens it protects as well as its firefighters:

Make sure your firefighters are continuously protected to the highest degree and are able to serve and protect the district to the highest possible degree.

Make sure your tax dollars are spent properly and in the best possible way. As well as making sure all laws and procedures (including the Sunshine Law) are forever upheld by the fire board while in office.

With these certifications, and combined 30-plus years in business administration and 10 years firefighting administration, we know Rich is the right man for the job! Don’t forget to vote on Apr. 3.

Committee to

Elect Rich White

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