Defending Du Kum Inn

Dear Editor,

It has come to my attention that Du Kum Inn is coming under heavy criticism on Facebook.

Du Kum Inn has been a family restaurant since the 1960's. It still is, just a different family. We have been long time customers. The Krygiel's and their employees have become an extended family to us. We have been lucky enough to be included in their personal lives. We have seen prom dresses, new babies, wedding pictures. We have known when their children were sick, beloved pets died and the loss of a loved one. With that being said, we are looking forward to the Medlin's and their employees becoming extended family as well.

I am wondering if the negative reaction some people are having is justified? Are they mad at the Krygiel's for selling or the Medlin's for buying the restaurant? Is Du Kum Inn different? Yes. But it would have been different if a Krygiel family member had bought it as well. But it is just different not bad different. The Medlin's are trying very hard to please the customers. Can't we meet them at least half way. Words do hurt. Would you really like to have one less restaurant in Sullivan? I certainly wouldn't. Think about your complaint. Give the Medlin's a chance to fix it, or explain the reason it is happening before putting in on Facebook. Everyone at the NEW Du Kum Inn has been great to us. Anytime there is a change in a business there will be hic-cups that will need to be addressed. The Medlin's will do their very best to fix them. We just need to be kind enough to give them time to do so.

Du Kum Inn has around 30 employees. When we are so negative about the restaurant it isn't just the Medlin's lives that are impacted,the lives and jobs of those 30 employees are as well. Over the years, Du Kum Inn has been the first job of many of our youth. It will continue to fill that need. Teenagers need a entry level job somewhere. Job experience is hard to come by. Many of these teenagers need the job to help their families with income, save up for college, etc.

Bob and I find the restaurant still a great place to eat, with friendly helpfulstaff. Come on Sullivan, be the great place with great people that I know you to be & a little more forgiving to the new owners of Du Kum Inn.

Bob and Linda Bach

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