A Covid-19 Rant

Dear Fellow Citizens:

I would like to give my two cents worth on the subject of the COVID-19 scare-a-thon.  As of 4/16/20, Missouri has a total of 4,686 diagnosed cases of COVID-19, with 133 deaths statewide. Our number of citizens (2019) stands at 6.137 million. This comes to a .076 percent infection rate; also, a .0022 percent death rate. Look at these numbers carefully; that is less than a tenth of a percent of even contracting the virus, with barely over two thousandths of a percent of dying from COVID-19; and we are to believe this is justifiable to shut down the State? This is ABSURD! Missouri has had 112,633 cases of the flu this season (as of 4/4/20), according to Missouri Dept. of Health and Senior Services- who, also, has temporarily suspended flu testing to concentrate on COVID-19 testing. That is 24 times as many cases of flu - and yet, no hospitals were overwhelmed,  no businesses were shuttered - not even a run on toilet paper!  Plus, we have a flu vaccine!  There were 332 confirmed cases of flu from 3/29 to 4/4 alone.

Our State of Missouri is a Sovereign State of the United States of America, a Constitutional Republic.

To those who never had Civics in school, that means that Missouri is a member of the U.S.A., but we are neither dependent on nor subjected to the power of any other state, or the Central government. As a Republic, We the People are in charge of the government - the government is not in charge of us; and, as a Sovereign State, we are to shape our own State Constitution the way we see fit - as long as it does not limit our Federal Constitutional  rights in any way.  

So, someone please explain to me how our illustrious Governor Mike Parson- who was APPOINTED governor, not elected- can by Executive Order, tell us what is essential and not essential, close our business, and lock us down in our homes? Executive Orders are merely suggestions- NOT LAWS!  LAWS are written, debated, and passed by the Legislature, signed into law by the Governor, and scrutinized by the State Supreme Court.  NO EXECUTIVE  ORDER WAS PASSED THROUGH THIS PROCESS!!  To push these orders off as official rules- or LAWS- is tyranny!  Parson has side-stepped the Constitution, and stepped on our rights with both feet- all with the excuse of trying to keep us safe from ourselves- ENOUGH!

We used to have a thing called "common sense", and "personal responsibility". If you are not comfortable  being out and about, then, by all means, stay home. That is common sense. If you have a fever or a bad cough (or anything else that could be deemed contagious), stay home. That, too, is common sense. That is also personal responsibility. I do understand that the symptoms of COVID-19 can be brutal (although CDC estimates 80 percent or more experience mild to no symptoms); but its also a fact that the leading cause of death worldwide is birth! Your chances of dying in a car crash are exponentially greater than contracting COVID-19 - much less dying from it -but has everyone stopped driving because of it?  NO! Are we to close down the state anytime someone gets a cold?  I think not.

In my opinion, everyone who has had their business closed by the government should reopen business as usual. For the people who don't want to patronize said business, don't;  no harm, no foul. I have been fortunate: my business is considered essential. I have not yet had anyone not allow me in to work in their home, nor have I felt insecure about going into their homes. Am I mindful and cautious? Yes, as I am during flu season; but, I'm certainly not scared, nor will I be.

As far as the government (or anyone else, for that matter) telling me what is essential or not -  you have no idea what is essential for me and my family.  Stop trying to tell me what my essentials are!  I am very capable of those decisions!

Governor Parson needs to end this socialist charade at once! If not, I think a recall is in order, before things get worse - and I fear they will.  We need to return to being a state of "do-ers",  not "do­ nothings"; a state of "winners",  not "whiners".  Open it up, so we can resume living.

Thank you, 

Dale Emily 

Sullivan, MO

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