Collection Agency Anguish

Dear Editor:

If this letter is published, then you have not grown weary of my gripes.

This is about a collection agency that is driving me crazy. Two years ago June, I was in hospital for a week following a slight stroke. When my week was up, they wanted me to transfer to their rehab center. I did not want to do that because I only had slight effects from the stroke. I was lucky, but they said,"It is absolutely free...won't cost you a penny. Why not take advantage of it?" Well,I'm old but not completely stupid and I like something for nothing, so I relented. I went to the rehab center and did the exercises they pushed and walked the halls daily. After a week of that, they discharged me and I went home. Sometime later, I received a Medicare Summary stating I might be charged $52,000 plus. Well,my blood pressure shot up and I was on the phone. I was assured that I would not be billed...just as they told me. Now it gets interesting...several doctors’ charges start to appear out of the blue. I called each of their billing agents and gave the facts and they agreed I didn't owe them. That is all but one who wasn't satisfied with Medicare payment and turned it over to this collection agency for approximately $120. I am a very exact person and when I'm told it would cost me nothing, that means ZERO. Had I known these doctors, who I never heard of and still wonder what they did for me, would just jump on the bandwagon, I would never have gone to rehab in the first place. For almost two years, I have been getting call after call after call and I have written them several times, but they still insist. This has now turned into harassment!


Mary Gibson

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