America Needs God

Dear Editor:

Is our country really going in the right direction when it comes to politicians not putting America first, but instead thinking only of themselves and their personal gains?

It is hard for me to imagine that some politicians could sign a bill making it easier to abort/kill unwanted babies. There are so many people willing and wanting to adopt, not to mention it is morally wrong. Some have simply taken God and morals out of our country. America has taken all incentives away from those who should be working, by providing assistance. When, in fact, we should be encouraging them to find employment instead of supporting a free ride. Our educational system in America is failing our young people, because we have forgotten our constitution. It was written with common sense and a real American dream. Maybe we should all get a degree in common sense and the Golden Rule. It might go a long way in solving our many problems.

Can we get back to the true American way? Can we get back to putting God first?

Through all the changes that America has seen, the only thing that hasn’t is God. He is the same yesterday, today, and forever. I would love to see America get back to people helping people; or is the entitlement, liberal, socialist way here to stay?

My vote is against unrealistic political correctness and for realistic common sense. The only thing that’s really free in life is the promise from God for everlasting life for all those who believe in Him and ask for forgiveness from all our sins. It often seems like the percentage of Christians in America is declining, but as for me and my house, we will serve the Lord and I will always believe His word.

Don Kappelmann

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