State Of Missouri Issues Public Health Warning, Three Categories Of Risk Level

The country is currently experiencing an extreme outbreak of COVID-19. As we move from fall into the winter months, respiratory illnesses spread more rapidly as people move indoors and environmental  conditions change. COVID-19 is following that pattern. The risks will become more serious with the onset of  flu season. Every state is affected. Every community is at risk.  

If we do not slow the spread of the virus, we risk having our health care systems overwhelmed by COVID-19  patients. This poses a significant risk not only to those suffering from COVID-19, our first responders, and  those working in our healthcare systems, but to anyone requiring health care support. This includes people  requiring emergency services and ICU access from car accidents to treatment of serious health conditions  such as cancer. 

We will continue to take a balanced approach to Missouri’s COVID-19 response. Our approach is data driven and based upon the most recent research. We have learned much since the start of the pandemic  about how to live and work responsibly in the COVID-19 environment. Until a vaccine is made available to  the general population in 2021, the most effective weapon against COVID-19 remains prevention.  

We do not need to lockdown our communities if people do the right things to fight the spread of the virus. 

Due to extreme COVID-19 risks, the State of Missouri issues the following public health warning to set  expectations for all individuals living and/or working in Missouri and for our local jurisdictions:  

Personal Behavior Advisory 

The foundation for our success in fighting COVID-19 remains individuals doing the right thing. To protect  our families, our neighbors, our communities, and our ability to continue our daily lives, we need everyone who is able to follow these basic principles: 

• Wear a mask at all times in public and other settings outside your home where social distancing is  not possible. 

• Maintain social distance of at least 6 feet wherever possible, and limit close contacts with other  individuals to less than 15 minutes. 

• Wash hands multiple times a day. 

• Stay home when sick or if you have symptoms. Self-isolate from other family members. • As much as possible, limit your regular interactions to a small group (<10) of family members,  friends, and/or co-workers if living in a Category 1 or 2 community. 

Healthy Missourians for life. 

The Missouri Department of Health and Senior Services will be the leader in promoting, protecting and partnering for health. AN EQUAL OPPORTUNITY / AFFIRMATIVE ACTION EMPLOYER: Services provided on a nondiscriminatory basis. 

Business Advisory 

In addition to the basic guidance for individuals, all businesses are advised to implement basic infection  prevention measures informed by industry best practices: 

• Modify physical workspaces to maximize and maintain social distancing. 

• Develop an infectious disease preparedness and response plan, including policies and procedures  for workforce contact tracing when an employee tests positive for COVID-19. 

• Monitor workforce for indicative symptoms. Symptomatic people should not physically return to  work until cleared by a medical provider. 

• Develop, implement, and communicate about workplace flexibilities and protections, including: o Encouraging telework whenever possible and feasible with business operations; 

o Working in phases and/or split shifts, if possible; 

o Limiting access to common areas where personnel are likely to congregate and interact; and o Ensuring that sick leave policies are flexible and consistent with public health guidance. 

Travel Advisory 

We want to minimize the risks of COVID-19 spread within Missouri and across states, especially as we  approach the holiday season.  

• Minimize travel outside of Missouri. If traveling outside the state, please follow all guidance and  requirements for your destination. Upon return, take as many precautions as possible, wear a mask,  and monitor symptoms. 

• If planning travel for gatherings during the holidays, especially those including individuals at high  risk, encourage all people to self-isolate or isolate as family units as much as practicable in advance  of any such gathering. 

• Do not attend any gatherings, family or otherwise, if you have any symptoms. 

Local Government Advisory 

Missouri is a diverse state with diverse communities. A core principle of Missouri government is that we  embrace local-level decision making tailored to each community’s unique needs. At the same time,  Missourians live and work together. Most importantly, our healthcare systems are interconnected. What  happens in one county affects its neighbors. Consequently, the State of Missouri government provides a  baseline of public health standards and expectations. Local communities can establish higher, more  stringent standards above the State’s public health advisory baseline. 

In light of the COVID-19 challenge, the State of Missouri’s COVID-19 advisory provides expectations for  communities based upon their localized public health data. This advisory acknowledges different  jurisdictions will face different situations as the COVID-19 challenge evolves.

NOTE: Communities can move down in risk category after two consecutive weeks of meeting the lower  category’s criteria.  

The latest county-level positivity rates and case rates can found at: health-county/. Data on this link is updated daily. 

Category 1 County Action Plan: Extreme Risk 

Criteria for county:  

• PCR 7-day positivity rate: 15% or above (using CDC method), and 

• 7 day case rate per 100k: 350 or above 

Business occupancy: Occupancy limits reflective of social distancing. 

Social group size: 10 or less.  

[NOTE: For the purposes of this advisory, “social group” is defined as any planned or spontaneous event  or convening that would bring together a group of people in a single space at the same time, excluding  normal business activities, religious services, schools and school activities, and extended family  gatherings.] 

Masks: Strongly advised in all offices and businesses where social distancing is not possible. 

Category 2 County Action Plan: Critical Risk 

Criteria for county:  

• PCR 7-day positivity rate: 10-14% (using CDC method), and 

• 7 day case rate per 100k: 100-349 

Business occupancy: Occupancy limits reflective of social distancing. 

Social group size: 25 or less. 

Masks: Advised in all offices and businesses with 10+ people where social distancing is not possible. 

Category 3 County Action Plan: Serious Risk 

Criteria for county: 

• PCR 7-day positivity rate: 5-9% (using CDC method), and 

• 7 day case rate per 100k: 10-99 

Business occupancy: No limits. 

Social group size: Limited to maintaining 6 feet distance. 

Masks: Advised in all offices and businesses with 10+ people where social distancing is not possible.

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