Community Outreach Special Delivery Services Formed By Local Business Leaders

A group of concerned business leaders met on Monday morning, March 16, and quickly formed a group calling itself Community Outreach Special Delivery Services.

The purpose of the group is to go out and conduct shopping needed for seniors and those with health concerns that need to stay out of the public contact due to the concerns over COVID-19.

According to Paul Alexander, one of the group organizers, this group is strictly wanting to help those in need and help keep our elderly safe during this troubling time.

“We can’t wait to move on this any longer, this is a total different world today than it was on Friday and we all need to do our part to help,” said Alexander.

The group has established one contact number for those in need of the service to contact to provide a list and information at 573-468-4719.

The group is not charging for this effort and is working with Frick’s Market also in the program.

For those who would like to help in the program by assisting in delivery or shopping or other aspects contact 573-468-4719.

Additional numbers are expected to be added for the program in the coming days and the program looks to work with, “zero contact delivery,” of the items in an attempt to keep seniors safe in the days and weeks moving forward with the Covid-19 virus. Delivery will be done buy placing the items on the porch for the resident and they will be notified upon arrival.

The group of businesses and individuals asked to remain anonymous in the program as they did not want to seek recognition but wanted to bring positive help to those in need.

Paul Alexander, Executive Wood’s, has helped spearhead the effort and formation of the group.

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