School Board Approves Tax Levy

The Bourbon School Board passed the tax levy Aug. 24 at 3.9827 cents per $100 assessed valuation.

This includes 3.0477 for the incidental fund and .93 cents for debt service.

The debt service amount was voluntarily rolled back from the tax rate ceiling as promised to voters in previous bond issue campaigns.

Debt payment for bonds is structured in a manner that allows the district to hold its debt service rate at the current level.

Overall, the tax rate is set to produce revenues of $2,061,780 for the incidental fund and $632,531 for the debt service, a total of $2,694,311.

During the current tax year, the assessed valuation of real estate is $52,995,975 and $14,654,400 for personal property, slight increases over 2016.

Board Notes

The board voted to revise its sick leave reimbursement policy following several discussions over the past few months.

Staff members will be provided an option to be reimbursed for unused sick days from within the current fiscal year if they have been employed for at least five years and accumulated 50 sick days.

Certified employees will be paid at a rate of $35 per unused sick day remaining from within the current fiscal year.

Non-certified employees will be paid at a rate of $25 per unused sick day.

Certified and non-certified employees retiring from the district following a minimum five years employment will be reimbursed at a rate of $35 per day for certified and $25 for non-certified.

Tuition Rate

The board approved the tuition rate for out-of-district students at $8,295.

Propane Rate

Board members awarded a propane bid to MFA Oil for a firm price of $1.049. In July, the board voted to award the bid to Gygr Gas. The district has recently been notified that the company would be unable to provide the service.

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