Pine Street Project Progressing, Bids Expected By Spring

Work has been ongoing on the long-awaited rebuild of Pine Street since fall, but the city is ready to ramp it up.

Bids could be sent out in the next couple of months and be awarded by spring. This could put the project on track to get fully underway.

Since fall, city workers and temporary workers have been doing some gutter and sidewalk work on Pine Street.

That work is part of the in-kind contributions the city promised as part of the $500,000 grant it received.

Bourbon’s 2019 budget contained $20,000 in wages for part-time hires to assist with the concrete work. 

Another $55,000 was budgeted for street contract and $20,000 for engineering/construction inspection.

The city is awaiting the final report from engineer Dick Ramstein before bids can be sent out.

Former Mayor Danny Skaggs announced in February 2018 that the city received the grant, but the project languished for more than 18 months.

The stall created anxiety around the future of the grant. During the final city council meeting he presided over until his death in September, Skaggs said that it was possible Bourbon could lose the grant entirely.

He said December 31 was almost a deadline of sorts for the city to show progress.

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