Nine County Projects In MoDOT STIP

Nine Crawford County projects are included in the Missouri Department of Transportation’s STIP (Statewide Transportation Improvement Program) through 2024.

The STIP was released during the summer and includes existing and future projects.

The county has four projects in its own transportation priority list that can soon be removed since they have received funding. They include:

-Highway C bridge over the Little Bourbeuse River: A one-lane bridge that sat atop the list for several years has been funded for 2021. Engineering and right-of-way funding has been set for FY19-20. 

-Highway CC bridge over Brush Creek. This bridge is in poor condition and has no load posting. It has been funded for 2020. 

-Highway 49 bridge over Dry Fork Creek. Another bridge that is in poor condition and funded for 2020. The bridge will be closed one half at a time according to MoDOT’s Preston Kramer. Kramer told Crawford County commissioners on October 22 that not every bridge can be built that way, but closing the entire section would cause a 45-mile detour.

-Highway 49 bridge near Highway 19 and Highway 32. This work was funded for 2019 and included the addition of two-foot shoulders and rumble strips.

Other projects:

-Pavement preservation treatment from Highway 68 to Highway 49. 

-Pavement improvements from Highway 8 to the end of state maintenance; Highway UU from Interstate 44 to the end of state maintenance; I-44 from Highway ZZ to the Crawford County Line; Highway KK to the Phelps County line and Highway 8 to the Crawford County line.

This project is funded for FY21-22 and will cost nearly $2 million. More than 17 miles of road will be improved.

-Pavement improvements from Highway 19 to I-44 and rumble strips from Highway P to I-44. This is another project that is slated for FY21-22 and includes a $2 million price tag. Nearly 13 miles of road will be affected.

-Pavement improvements from I-44 to Highway 19 and Highway CC to Highway C.

-Pavement improvements and rumble strips from Highway J to Highway 185. Funded for FY20-21, this project will cost more than $ million and affect more than 18 miles of road.

-Pavement improvements from I-44 to the end of state maintenance and Highway FF from I-44 to the end of state maintenance.

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