District Adopts Alternative Safety Routes

Wintry weather has frequently closed schools this winter and the Bourbon School Board has adopted alternative safety routes that could get students back to class sooner.

Transportation secretary Jessica Becker told board members on January 16 that she has been working with mechanic Justin Blanton on developing routes.

The routes have been shared with District 2 Commissioner Jared Boast, who Becker said is eager to test the alternative routes.

However, Becker pointed out it could conflict with a neighboring district like Cuba if it decides to adopt alternative routes.

“Some interesting points (Boast) brought up were that other districts in the county might follow and that might cause issues if they are requesting it,” Becker said. “But he wants to help us test pilot these routes routes and see if it works.”

Superintendent Dr. Kyle Gibbs said it’s important Bourbon doesn’t repeat a situation like the one before Christmas break, where weather resulted in the cancellation of the entire week.

“We felt like we wanted to do something where we didn’t run into a situation like that again,” Gibbs said. “We need to have at least some rural roads passable. Jared would work on (alternative routes) to get those where they are safe for buses.”

Becker said the alternative routes would only be used if one or two days have passed by and they need to get students back in class.

An all-call would go out informing children and their parents/guardians what the bus routes would be that day.

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