Council May Look To Sell Dump Truck

Bourbon’s city council could put its dump truck up for sale, but it’s the only vehicle that effectively spreads salt, creating an issue for board members.

The city has had the dump truck since 2007 and it has just 12,000 miles on it. However, operation of it requires a commercial drivers license.

Public works employee Michael Gazaway is working to get his CDL, but the board pointed out that selling the truck may render it pointless for him to obtain it.

Later in the meeting, the board learned that its other truck for spreading salt doesn’t do the job. 

Ward 2 Alderwoman Mary Heywood asked why they were selling the dump truck if they didn’t have another vehicle to spread salt.

The board may look to sell the dump truck for one that does a better job.

Mayor Dave Lafferty said the board had been kept in the dark over the dump truck. Lafferty suggested the city sell the truck on its own rather than a dealership “so they can charge more.”

“They aren’t going to give us anything for a 2007,” Lafferty said, suggesting that the city take bids. 

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