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Council Discusses Response To Parking Ordinance

Bourbon board members discussed some of the feedback they received from a change to the city’s parking ordinance, which forbids residents from parking on unimproved surfaces.

All four members approved the change in February after Mayor Danny Skaggs proposed it in January.

Ward 2 Alderman Mary Heywood said she got calls on the ordinance and suggested changing the way they are passed in the future. Heywood discussed the possibility of doing a first reading one month for the public to be made aware, then adopting it the next month.

Skaggs saw no need.

“We didn’t do that ever,” Skaggs said. “We didn’t do it when you were mayor.”

Heywood acknowledged that and said changing the way ordinances are passed may stop complaints afterwards. Skaggs remained opposed to the idea.

“I think if you do that, it’s stupid,” he said. “I don’t care. You guys can do what you want.”

Skaggs if residents want to know what is going on, “there’s empty seats.”

Police Chief Paul Satterfield said he received feedback from residents who were warned, but directed them to the council. Skaggs pointed to a near-empty audience.

Ward 1 Alderman Dave Lafferty said he talked to more people who support the change.

“They don’t want people parking in yards,” he said, also adding that nobody was present to express their opposition.

Skaggs believes a majority of people are for it as well. He said he gets calls from people who want to sell their house and their neighbor has a unclean yard.

Certain people want to leave their yards a mess, Skaggs said. “It’s junky.”

Other Issues

Lafferty relayed concerns he heard about other aspects that might not adhere to city code, including commercial vehicles parked on residential streets and the recycling plant on Old Highway 66.

Skaggs said he isn’t sure what can be done there, but understands the concern.

“It’s the last thing you see when you leave Bourbon and the first thing you see when you come in,” he said about the business, which is visible from Interstate 44. Skaggs said it’s a “junkyard” but there’s not much that can be done due to state right-of-ways. “He can’t put a fence in.”

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