Clerk Says County Budget Meeting Expectations

Crawford County Clerk John Martin said the general revenue budget is “better than in previous years” and meeting expectations as the second half of the year is underway.

Martin provided a report to commissioners and officials on July 15. 

The budget year was 53.7 percent completed as of that date. Income is at 53.1 percent and expenses are at 41.2 percent.

Martin said the income was “exceedingly respectful” for where the county is right now and applauded officials for their fiscal discipline.

Tax revenues are at 53.9 percent of the projected amount, with the sales tax at 54.8 percent of projections.

Martin noted that June’s numbers were “not pretty” and that without the additional half-cent, it would have been down $38,000 from June 2018.

“If you go back to 2017, 2016, 2015 and all the way back to 2004, it’s still better than any of those years. But if last year is the mark, it’s not great,” Martin said.

Martin floated the possibility that weather has affected tourism to the county.

On the expenses side, the county has paid just 45 percent of projected salaries and wages; 43.3 percent of FICA taxes and 40.4 percent of payroll taxes.

“Several positions have yet to be filled,” Martin said. “There are some high-dollar positions that have been hired at a lower rate.”

Overall, the county is $80,000 below what was budgeted.

Office expenses are at just 40.7 of the budget. Professional development is at 35.6 percent, but some officials have yet to participate in their annual training.

Vehicle expenses have hit the county hard. While just 27.3 percent of the fuel budget has been spent, repairs and maintenance are already $24,000 over budget.

Election expenses are at 41.1 percent and no other elections are scheduled for the remainder of 2019.

Court related fees, which includes witness fees, special prosecuting attorney fees, jury duty payments, jury meals and others, are at just 18.7 percent of the budgeted amount.

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