Bourbon Man Charged With Burglary, Property Damage

A Bourbon man who has bonded out on an attempted rape charge was arrested August 29 after he allegedly broke into a home and was tased repeatedly.

Michael Moore, 28, faces one count of second-degree burglary and second-degree property damage.

The probable cause statement alleges that a GPS monitoring service advised county central communications reported one of their clients was violating curfew.

While canvassing the area, a Crawford County sheriff’s deputy observed a neighbor shine a flashlight along a house.

Moore had ran to the backside of the home and into the basement area. He was located in a bathroom.

Moore allegedly held his hands out and shaped them like he was holding a gun.

He was commanded to place his hands in the air and lie on the floor, but he ignored the commands and concealed his right side.

The deputy deployed a taser and struck Moore in the left hip and lower tricep.

He went to the ground and attempted to climb up. Again Moore was instructed to stay on the ground. He ultimately conceded and surrendered.

It was determined that Moore had forced entry into the residence by breaking a portion of the door frame. The residence was occupied by a family of four at the time of the incident.

Moore is being held on a $25,000 bond.

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