• THE KINDERGARTEN STUDENTS from Strain-Japan pointing out their own loaves of bread ready to rise.
  • STRAIN-JAPAN STUDENTS, Levi and Jett busily kneading their bread dough.
  • KINDERGARTNERS¬† EMILEIGH, Ava, Austin, and Levi making bread at Strain-Japan School.

Strain-Japan School News

It's All In The "Kneading"

The Kindergarten class at Strain-Japan School are excited about hatching chicks. As part of the unit, however, the students read the book, "The Little Red Hen." The students were provided the opportunity of being little red hens themselves when they got to make their own loaves of bread. They didn't have to plant, harvest, and mill wheat into flour, but they did get to make their loaf of bread from scratch. The students were happy to take their loaves home to share with their families the next day.

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