• The 6th grade team got a little frustrated with the word problems during the Math Bowl.
  • Hard work pays off with Third Place medals for St. Anthony's 6th graders.  

St. Anthony School News

Math is the only subject that "counts," and that was so true at this year's Math Bowl, held at East Central College on April 20.  Catholic schools from Region 8 grades 6, 7 and 8 competed in three categories: individual, team, and oral competition. Students spent about 40 minutes completing an individual math test. They then gathered  in their grade level teams, working collaboratively to find the answers to word problems.  Finally, a representative from each school's 7th and 8th grades competed in two rounds of oral questions.  The emcee read each question to the students, who had to solve the problem in their heads.  The rounds were a bit nerve wracking for those unfamiliar with mental math. Our St. Anthony crew returned with red and white ribbons for the individual category.  Our 6th graders won Third Place for the team category.  

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