Strain-Japan R-XVI Achieves Perfect APR Score For Fourth Straight Year

Strain-Japan R-XVI continued its streak of perfect Annual Performance Report scores after receiving 100 percent in 2018.

The district has had a perfect score since 2015.

Strain-Japan is a kindergarten through eighth grade district and measured on academic achievement, subgroup achievement, high school readiness and attendance. The district accumulated all 60 points. 

The last time Strain-Japan failed to receive a perfect score was 2014, when it dipped to 94.7 percent. 2013 saw the district achieve 100 percent.

Strain-Japan Superintendent Anita Studdard said teachers there have worked to develop students that are “assessment capable learners” and this has made students increasingly focused on their own learning.

“Our faculty meets weekly to discuss student data and progress that is being made toward yearly academic goals,” Studdard said. “The staff is very appreciate of the parental involvement, encouragement and support in their student’s educational endeavors, as well as support from the board of education.”

Students scored above the state average in English Language Arts and math for grades 3-8. Eighth graders took the English 1 End of Course (EOC) assessment, which counts towards the high school readiness points.

100 percent of Strain-Japan eighth graders scored proficient or advanced on the EOC, said Studdard.

Three years ago, Studdard said Strain-Japan was invited by the Missouri Department of Elementary and Secondary Education (DESE) to participate in the Missouri Model Initiative. 

“These initiatives have allowed us to successfully collaborate more with other schools in order to do a variety of educational development such as increasing our educational resources, gather ideas for classroom instruction, develop critical thinking and problem solving skills and implement continuing curriculum updates that coincide with current Missouri Learning Standards,” she said.

Strain-Japan is gearing up for the 2019 EOC and MAP assessments, which will be administered April 17-18 and April 25 through May 10 respectively.

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